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hscloud is the main monorepo of the Warsaw Hackerspace infrastructure code.

Getting started

See //doc/codelabs for tutorials on how to use hscloud.

If you want to browse the source of hscloud in a web browser, use

If you want some other help, talk to q3k, informatic or your therapist.

Directory Structure

Directories you should care about:

  • app: external services that we host that are somewhat universal: matrix, covid-formity, etc.
  • bgpwtf: code related to our little ISP
  • cluster: code related to our Kubernetes cluster (
  • dc: code related to datacenter automation
  • devtools: code related to developer tooling, like gerrit or hackdoc
  • doc: high-level documentation that doesn't fit anywhere else, ie. codelabs
  • hswaw: Warsaw Hackerspace specific/internal services. The line between this and app is unfortunately blurry.
  • personal: user's personal (experimental) directories
  • kube, go: code specific to languages but general to the whole of hscloud


Unless noted otherwise, code in hscloud is licensed under the BSD 0-clause license - see COPYING.